Assisting allies is a good way to obtain gold and experience required to level up. Assisting allies is also required to obtain five achievements. The maximum number of allies that can be assisted in a day is 25.

Gold Reward Edit

The amount of gold reward depends on level, normally ranging between 38,000 - 44,000 on later levels. The amount of gold can be enhanced by equipping gold earning relics, such as:

  • Toshi Hebi (2%)
  • Totem of Wealth (5%)
  • Kunoichi Doku (5%)
  • Kotei Rock (10%)
  • Glowing Koyasugai (15%)
  • Ring of Deception (15%)
  • Bronzed Fist (20%)
  • Golden Underpants (20%)
  • Scarab Stone (50%)
  • Golden Obachan (65%)

Experience Reward Edit

The amount of experience acquired depends on level, normally between 250 - 305 on later levels. The amount of experience is also enhance-able by equipping experience earning relics, such as:

  • Weak Experience Gem (5%)
  • Kotei Rock (10%)
  • Kappa Totem (15%)
  • Scarab Stone (50%)
  • Leader Seal (60%)
  • Water Seal Jutsu (60%)
  • Golden Obachan (65%)

Achievement through Assisting Allies Edit

Assisting allies is also required to obtain these five achievements:

  • There's A New Ally In Town, 10 assists, reward: 1 karma
  • Helpy Helperton, 100 assists, reward: 2 karmas
  • Destroyer of Blimps and Fires, 500 assists, reward: 4 karmas
  • A True Ally, 1,000 assists, reward: 6 karmas
  • A Truer Ally, 5,000 assists, reward: 10 karmas

The Mini Game Edit

When assisting an ally, there are five mini games to play which will be randomized each time.

  • Blimp Invasion
Tag Line: "Defend your ally from blimp invasion!"
Game Play: Point and click to shoot moving blimps, take into account the speed and the size of the blimp.
Victory Condition: Shoot down 20 blimps! It is possible to shoot 21 blimps before the game end.
  • Put Out the Fire
Tag Line: "Oh no! A fire has started! Help put it out!"
Game Play: Move the mouse and press left mouse button to spray water into five buildings in fire. Take into account the wind velocity and direction by observing a flag on the left side of the screen.
Victory Condition: Put out the fire on all five buildings.
  • Deliver Hospital Supplies
Tag Line: "Your ally needs hospital supplies! Deliver some!"
Game Play: Move blimp up and down to avoid floating islands, press and hold left mouse button to go up and release to go down.
Victory Condition: Pass 25 island barriers (some barriers are in pair) and reach your ally's ninja island.
  • Rescue Mission
Tag Line: "The Genbu is about to eat one of [Name of Ally]'s ninjas! Go on a rescue mission!"
Game Play: Avoid shurikens thrown horizontally, using left click to jump.
Victory Condition: The Genbu is struck by shuriken 16 times. Sometimes the last shuriken can not be avoided, but when played right A+ rating is still obtainable.
  • Falling Ninjas
Tag Line: "Oh no! [Name of Ally]'s ninjas stuck on a crumbling island! Catch the falling ninjas!"
Game Play: Move mouse left and right to catch falling ninjas while avoiding falling islands.
Victory Condition: Catch 20 ninjas.

Trivia Edit

  • There are no lose condition.
  • The F- to A+ ratings do not determine the number of gold and experience reward.
  • Rough calculation of average number of experience required to gain a level (19321), divided by the average amount of experience acquired from assisting (275), A Truer Ally achievement is obtainable at level 67, at least!
  • 5000 assists when the player have 25 allies (the maximum number of assists per day), requires 200 days of playing!