Bosses ko pangitEdit

Bosses are Non-Player controlled enemies, with attacks, abilities and weapons unique to them and them only. However, upon defeat, the player may earn the Boss in question's weapon, such as when Mecha-Genbu is defeated, you receive the Laser Visor. You can fight these bosses by clicking fight and looking for a small "boss" at the top of the fighting list page.

Heikinteki JoseiEdit

Heikinteki Josei is the first boss encountered in this game. She can be found on level 5. She has with a pink lunchbox with a cartoon Genbu on it. When you fight her and win, you get her Lunch Box and an acheivement worth 5 Karma. See full page for additional infomation.


Genbu appears at level 15. When defeated, the Player is awarded with the Relic, Genbu's Scale and an acheivment worth 10 Karma with standered XP and Gold.See full page for additional infomation.

Tondeiru JoseiEdit

The third boss is Heinkinteki Josei's sister, named Tondeiru Josei, appears at level 25. Once the player defeats her, he/she receives the Daikatana, gold, experience, and an achievement worth 10 Karma. See full page for additional infomation.

Mecha GenbuEdit

Mecha Genbu is the final Boss, appearing once the player reaches level 35. Once defeated, He will flip on his back and you will see his left hand come towards his long, hairy, footlong, tail, and start twitching up and down until a giant laser shoots straight from his stomach, the player receives a drop of the Amethyst Mason , as well as, the Laser Visor weapon, and an acheivement worth 10 Karma. See full page for additional infomation.