As you level up on NinjaWarz, you will encounter several bosses. Two of them will change the appearance of your island after successful defeat. Upon the defeat of Genbu, the second boss you encounter, the fight blimb will have a his snake wrapped around the basket. After the defeat of Tondeiru Josei, a pile of Daikatanas, Tondeiru's signature weapon, will appear near the Hospital building.

Name of Boss Level Unlock Health Weapon/Relic Unlock Change of Appearance

Heikinteki Josei

5 350 Lunchbox N/A


15 2,600 Genbu's Scale Snake on Fight Balloon

Tondeiru Josei

25 4,000 - 4,950 Daikatana Swords on island


35 36,800 Laser Visor N/A