Emerald Dragon Weapon Collection consists of 10 special weapons that must be owned all at once to obtain "Emerald Collector" achievement, worth 10 karma. Emerald Dragon Vorpal Blade is the only weapon available in the weapon shop, the other nine are dropped during clan fights.

List of Emerald Dragon WeaponsEdit

Name Level Where obtained Sell Value DPS Speed
Emerald Dragon Blade 5 Shuriken green 1,750Gold icon 6.40 Faster
Emerald Dragon Axe 9 Shuriken green 10,000Gold icon 7.80 Slower
Emerald Dragon Katarchucks 13 Shuriken green 26,000Gold icon 9.20 Faster
Emerald Dragon Scepter 15-17 Shuriken green 55,500Gold icon 11.70 Normal
Emerald Dragon Flame Sword


Shuriken green 112,500Gold icon 13.80 Normal
Emerald Dragon Spear 25 Shuriken green 375,000Gold icon 17.20 Slow
Emerald Dragon Rapiers 29 Shuriken green 900,000Gold icon 20.80 Fast
Emerald Dragon Flame Axe 33 Shuriken green 2,250,000Gold icon 24.60 Slower
Emerald Dragon Broad Sword 37 Shuriken green 3,250,000Gold icon 27.00 Slow
Emerald Dragon Vorpal Blade 40 Buy icon 4,350,000Gold icon 34.33 Normal