In Ninja Warz, a clan can become Enlightened for the price of 49 Facebook credits, or $4.99 on a mobile device.


  • Enlightened Ninjas
  • Enlightened Blade
  • Legacy Blade Evolution.
  • stronger then this


The main feature of Enlightenment is the change to your clan's look. It replaces the standard fire, shadow, or lotus appearance with an exclusive "Enlightened" look that consists of golden robes, blindfolds, and white hair. The female ninja model also has a golden hairbands

Additional RewardsEdit

In addition, you are given an Enlightened Clan Sword (that does not replace your standard Fire, Lotus, or Shadow Blade) and The Emblem of the Enlightened, which is a combination of the Shadow, Fire, and Lotus Clan Emblem Relics. You are given 20 Karma as per the "Attained Enlightenment" Achievement. 

|<Enlighten your clan with unfathomable knowledge and power.>