Genbu InformationEdit

Genbu is a very large tortoise, with a spiked grey shell, with a snake wrapped around his midsection.

He is the 2nd boss encountered by your clan. 

Unlike most tortoises, Genbu is capable of running at fairly high speeds, and can chase Ninjas for short periods of time. Genbu  is first encountered in battle at Level 15.


Battle InfomationEdit

Health: 2600


Charge: The Genbu will charge at a single Ninja, doing heavy amounts of damage.

Laser Beam: Genbu will fire a large Laser Beam from its mouth, doing massive damage to all Ninja's.

Additional Abilities:Edit

Both abilities below are unique to the Genbu and are not seen in any battles against other Boss's , Players or Zombie Ninja's .

Heal: Genbu will heal himself.

Rage: Although not the official name, the state the Genbu enters is similar. This ability is initiated when the Genbu is down to 1000 Health or less, it will begin to glow red. During this period, its Attack and Healing Power are increased greatly.

Achievements & PrizesEdit

After defeating Genbu, the player will be awarded the "Tortoise Slayer" achievement. with a prize of 10 karma.

If the player defeats Genbu with only food items equipped (negi, shrimp, pocky stick,) the player earns another achievement, "Don't Shoot Lasers With Your Mouth Full", also worth 10 Karma.

Genbu is the only Boss to reward the player with a Relic for an additional prize, rather than a weapon. The Relic is Genbu's Scale with the boost of 10% Critical Hit Chance and 8% Attack Speed.

Upon defeat, the snake of Genbu wraps around the basket of the player's clan's Fight blimp.

Other appearancesEdit

Genbu, unlike other Game Bosses, is also encountered in a mini-game, in which the player rescues an ally's ninja.

During the rescue mission, the player must run away from Genbu while carrying the incapacitated body of their ally's ninja. At the same time, the play must dodge shurikens being throw from a blimp at the Genbu. With every hit the player takes, he or she will slow down, and, if hit enough, the player will be attacked by Genbu.

For every shuriken dodged, Genbu will be wounded, and eventually will give up chasing the player, ending the minigame. The player is graded based on how well they dodged the shurikens.