Gifts in Ninja Warz work like those of many other Facebook games. A player can send an item (a weapon, relic, or tokens) to a Ninja Warz ally. The gift request appears with other requests in the top right-hand corner of the Facebook homepage (outside the app), and can be claimed through that link. Actively gifting will generally improve a player's ability.

Gifted weapons are typically more powerful than those that can be purchased for Gold in the Weapon Shop. For example, the War Sickle can be received at Level 26. It deals 23 dps (damage per second) and has the 'Fastest' speed rating EVA. This is much better than The Castigator (Level 26 weapon bought for 850,000 Gold), which which deals 18 dps and has the 'Slow' speed rating. However, this may not affect weapons bought with Karma our weapons earned through Tournaments, both of which tend to be superior weapons. For example, the Sapphire Halberd (Level 24 Tournament weapon) deals 23.47 dps, which is higher than the dps of the War Sickle.

Gifted relics also typically better than those bought for Gold. For example, the Golden Phoenix can be received at Level 21. It gives +65.5% critical hit chance, which is more than the other relics that can be purchased at that level (the highest being 15%).

Special holiday gifts usually epicly park of the holiday and relate to "pop-culture ninjas", such as a tree ornament called "Festive Blood Bulb," and a holly wreath called "Wrath Wreath". They are very powerful at lower levels. For instance, the Christmas Whip (Christmas 2009 Holiday Event) deals 18 dps and has the "Normal" speed rating, making it one of the most powerful weapons for players below level 20. Later, Broken Bulb developers introduced weapons bought with Karma and better gift items, such as the Glow Whip (19.7 dps).

However, Gifting is not present on other websites (such as Kongregate) and merely says 'Coming soon!' if you go to the gift tab.