Yin yang-1-

The Karma icon—the Daoist Yin-Yang symbol

Karma is considered the "premium" currency of Ninja Warz, as opposed to Gold, which is much more common and much less valuable.

Karma may be obtained in many ways such as from daily Karma Relics, from certain events (such as a gift from the Daimyo), from gaining a level, buying it, and from achievements. It can be used to buy relic slots, as well as more powerful weapons and relics (than the gold ones). It can also be used to train (level up) one of your ninjas. Relic Slots cost 2 Karma for the second, 5 Karma for the third, 10 Karma for the fourth, and 20 Karma for the fifth, and 50 Karma for the final sixth slot. Karma can be traded for gold. (This is highly discouraged, as Karma is much more rare and valuable than Gold.)

The amount of Karma bonus from leveling up depends on level:

  • Level 2 - 9: 5 karma
  • Level 10 - 19: 10 karma
  • Level 20 and above: 15 karma