General Information & PrerequisitesEdit

Mecha Genbu is the last known boss that the player encounters. It is first seen at level 35. It is a robot or "mecha" version of Genbu.

Battle InformationEdit

Health: 36,800


Laser Beam - The Snake will fire a laser all around the battlefield, doing moderate damage to all Ninja's.

Rocket Barrage: Mecha Genbu will launch a large bombardment of explosive Rocket's at the players Ninja's, doing moderate damage to all Ninja's.

Machine Gun: Mecha Genbu will fire its machine gun, doing moderate damage to all Ninja's.

Nuke: Launched when Mecha Genbu remains with approximately 13,000 Health. The Mecha Genbu discards its Machine Gun, and launched a Nuclear Warhead at the players Ninja's. It takes 3 turns to land, that is to say, after 3 attacks by the player. When the Nuke lands, it will deal massive amounts of damage to all Ninja's.

Achievements & PrizesEdit

After defeating Mecha Genbu, the player will receive the "Master if Machine's," achievement, 5000 Xp and 5000 Gold. They will also receive the Laser Visor as weapon.

If the Nuke lands, but the player's Ninja's survive and defeat Mecha Genbu, said player will receive another achievement, titled "We had a falling out."


Mecha Genbu - Nuke Launching

If the player defeats Mecha Genbu after its Nuke has launched but before it lands, he/she will also receive the achievement "Nuclear Arms Race."

All available achievement are worth 400 Karma a piece.