Tondeiru Josei

General InformationEdit

Tondeiru Josei is the sibling of Heikinteki Josei. She can be fought at level 25 and has 4950 health.

She carries a large sword called the Daikatana


The Daikatana

 Her name probably comes from a verb conjucation of 飛ぶ/とぶ(tobu) or to jump in present form, making it jumping. This is probably a reference to the jumping the she and her sister do before battle.

The Daikatana is a play on the readings of 太 and 刀. 太刀[1] together usually read "tachi," but 太 can also be read as "dao" 刀, and can also be read as "katana." The meaning is the same as they are both translated as "big sword"

Achievements & PrizesEdit

After defeating Tondeiru Josei for the first time, the player will receive a Daikatana and complete "Weathered the Storm of Swords" achievement. Several more Daikatana can be seen driven into the ground next to the Hospital after winning the battle, but there is no way of obtaining these. They are likely a form of decoration.

After being defeated, Tondeiru Josei can be found again the next day under the Fight blimp. If the player equip's Daikatana to defeat Tondeiru Josei the next time and uses it to deal the Killing Blow, the player can get the "One More Sword In An Inconvenient Place" achievement, which gives you 10 karma.


Like her sister , she wears a blue and white sailor's uniform. She also has the same color hair and eyes as her sister, Heikinteki Josei . When in battle, she floats in mid-air.