The Arena is where Tournaments are held. Here, rivaling clans go head to head for between 4 and 6 rounds. Tournaments are unlocked at Level 5, and yield special weapons. Sometimes superior to those bought in the shop for Gold or Karma, as rewards. One must win all the rounds (ninjas are automatically healed between rounds) to emerge as the Champion and earn the reward weapon. Once the player has won, the Arena will lock for 4 hours, after which the player can enter another Tournament.

Similar to Boss fights, tournament fights cannot be skipped. Magic is not allowed in Tournaments, and will have no effect. Tournaments yield a high experience bonus, but no Gold. The rewarded weapons can be sold for very low prices (compared to weapons of similar dps), as a player can accumulate many of them for free.

Negis are the worst weapons in a tournament's storage but they come in every battle.

Tournament Weapons:

Name Power (DPS) Speed Lowest Tournament Level
Negi 4.50 Fast 5
Tomahawk 7.56 Slow 5
Destined Spear 8.20 Slow 5
Fried Shrimp 8.40 Slow 5
Mace Whips 8.43 Fast 5
Stone Naginata 9.33 Normal 8
Katara 14.00 Faster 11
Golden Maul 15.50 Slow 12
Ancient Axe 16.00 Slow 14
Butcher's Cleaver 16.56 Slow 16
Blood Stone Halberd 17.00 Normal 19
Axe of Indecision 17.50 Slow 20
Emerald Blade 18.82 Normal 23
Onyx Claymore 20.24 Fast 25
Trident 23.00 Fast 28
Sapphire Halberd 23.47 Normal 29
Han Blade 26.17 Slow 32
Power Drill 32.00 Fastest 35
Emerald Scimitar 28.00 Fast 38
Dynasty Sword 29.00 Slow 40
Crimson Yatagan 30.48 Slow 43
Chaos Blades 32.19 Ultra Fast 44