level unlockedEdit

Level 18

General InfomationEdit

A black blimp containing an army of zombie ninjas can be found floating back and forth above the ninja island.

Clicking on the blimp will start a battle against a never ending spawn of zombie ninjas wearing the Fire Clan's uniform.

Aim of BattleEdit

The aim of the challenge is to kill as many undead ninjas as possible. A counter in the top right corner of the screen will display the number of zombies slaughtered.With each zombie having roughly 150 health. The counter stops when the health bar of the attacker, or your ninjas, reaches zero, like a standard battle.

The kill count roughly reflects the strength of the clan. Attacking and killing a large number of the zombie hordes yields a decent sum of gold and XP. Plus the possibility of completing some new achievements:


  • 10 zombies: Hordely a Dent - 1 Karma
  • 25 zombies: Undeadly - 2 Karma
  • 50 zombies: Re-killed En Masse - 5 Karma
  • 100 zombies: Expert Horde Stamper - 10 Karma
  • 250 Zombies: Excessive Deanimation - 15 Karma
  • 506 Zombies: Devastator of Hordes - 20 Karma

Additional InfomationEdit

The Zombie Horde Battle feature was released to Ninja Warz in December 2010

Despite missing body parts, the Zombie's can battle just as well as normal Ninjas and thus, can dodge attacks.